Who we are


Our mission is to accompany children and young people in their personal evolutionary process, awakening their senses, especially their hearing, and enhancing their curiosity, creativity and knowledge of the world around them.


We want to be a reference of podcast production, for the training, education and entertainment of children and young people.

The story behind Globus Magicus

All projects have a story behind them. My story starts as the mother of an eleven-year-old child. He is between childhood and adolescence, an exciting stage full of challenges and conflicts.

I have seen how games such as Lego or Playmobil have fallen into disuse. And given way to others related to friends and technology, thus undermining the imaginative and creative capacities of childhood.

At the same time, the educational system in general was giving less priority to many forms of artistic expression, philosophy, classical languages, history and other subjects that make it possible to understand the world, express oneself with a critical spirit and connect with one’s origins; something that is so important in shaping the values we have as adults.

With these concerns, I felt the need to do my bit to remedy the situation using all my areas of professional experience in cultural development, arts, music, language and the humanities. I have found Podcasts to be the ideal tool for the creative and educational combination of these subjects.

I have surrounded myself with great professionals for both the creative team and the psycho-pedagogical team. They have all believed in the project from the outset and given the best of themselves. They have all contributed their expertise, professionalism and affection to create a product of the very highest quality.

If you would like to share our team’s dream, please receive a very warm welcome to Globus Magicus!!!

Fotografía de Elisenda Belda, CEO de Globus Magicus

Elisenda Belda

(Foto: Raimon Bassó)